Much of Coorg is used for agriculture.

The Plantations

Characteristically and historically, paddy fields are found on the valley floors, with Coffee and pepper agroforestry in the surrounding hills mainly near Coorg.


The most common plantation crop in Coorg is coffee. Coorg is the second coffee production region in India. Coffee revenue helped Coorg to become one of the richest districts in India. Coffea arabica is also grown in some parts of southern and western Coorg, the historical area of coffee production. One can go to see the WoodyWoods coffee plantation and can understand how sophisticated coffee plantation is and how much perfection and precision it requires. It is mandatory to grow coffee in shade so it is grown with the silver oak trees and the vanilla.

Plantation Facts The coffee agro-forestry systems of Coorg are one of the richest agro-forest in the world, with about 270 species of shaded trees inventoried.


At WoodyWoods we also cultivate spices like black pepper, cardamon and fruits like Kodagu Oranges. Kodagu Oranges are known for its distinctive taste and shrunken nature. Kodagu is also known for its forest honey. There are also large areas of natural forest, especially in the forest reserves in the south and east.