WoodyWoods would be the ideal choice for Honeymoon and Family Holiday groups. A Pleasant stay away from crowd, and loving the nature.

The Activities

For those who are interested in adventurous activities like Trekking, Forest Camps, River Rafting, Mountain Cycling etc. WoodyWoods would a great choice as their base camp. The thrilling nature and varied season makes WoodyWoods the ample location for this.


WoodyWoods is a perfect destination for honeymoon couples. A calm and quite location with eye-pleasing views and with all nature around makes the stay at WoodyWoods a memorable one in the life.

WoodyWoods is an ideal choice for families to spend their quality time with nature. A stay at WoodyWoods gives a total minds relaxation and maximize our energy. One will love to come again and again to this beautiful peace of land.

Coorg Facts Kodagu is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. It has a geographical area of 4,102 km2 (1,584 sq mi)

Coorg River Rafting and OBL

There are many river rafting facilities available in Coorg. With its rocky terrains and valleys, Coorg is a good destination for those who love river rafting.

Companies can conduct Outward Bound Learning at WoodyWoods. Cycling on rough terrains are another adventurous sports people love here. For those who enjoy adventurous sports and camps, WoodyWoods would be the best choice as base camp.

Coorg Facts The district of Kodagu which is the land of the Kodavas is considered as the cradle of Indian hockey. More than 50 Kodavas have represented India in international hockey tournaments, out of which 7 have also participated in Olympics.


Coorg has many popular trekking destinations like Thadiyantamol [1908 mts], Pushpageri [1870 mts], Kotebetta [1620 mts], Brahmagiri [1340 mts], Chomakundu [1610 mts], Nishani Motte [1270 mts], Tungapare [1240 mts].

The Forest Camps and Trekking are popular mainly because of the dense forests of Western Ghats. The climatic conditions and wide range of flora and fauna add to this adventure. WoodyWoods would be the best choice for the base camp.